Down to Earth Workshops

Join us as we help rural and urban families learn more about locally produced food, organic gardening and small farm projects here in Western Canada.

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DTE Spring 2018

Down to Earth Workshop Poster


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  • Heirloom Seeds ~ over 100 varieties tested hardy in our zone 2 nursery trials
  • Seed Saving ~ harvesting for your own collection
  • Starting your own Plants ~ methods and cultural requirements
  • Permaculture ~ learning from nature to build sustainable ecosystems
  • Small Farm Production and CSA projects
  • Zone 2 Gardening ~ raised beds and companion planting
  • Antiques and Restoration projects
  • Honey Bee Health ~ attracting pollinators
  • Landscape ~ designs and planning
  • Wildcrafting ~ harvesting of wild edible plants
  • Healthy Soils ~ vermiculture and composting
  • Prairie Pollinators ~ leaf cutter bees for alfalfa seed production
  • Preserving the Season ~ canning and processing
  • Ancient Grains ~ Emmer and Red Fife
  • Farm Fresh ~ food from the field to your kitchen
  • Herbal Pharmacy ~ a DVD for creating herbal preparations by Gudrun Penselin
  • Heritage Breed Poultry ~ supplies, breeds and care
  • Culinary Tourism~  road trips to explore in your own back yard
  • Microbreweries on the prairies share their start-up experiences
  • Greenhouses ~ planning & building
  • Medicinal Herbs & Essential Oils ~ medicine from the earth



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