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Heritage Farm is an educational nursery in northwestern Canada for Small Farm and Urban Agriculture enthusiasts who want to learn more about history, horticulture and sustainable rural living.

What started out as four generations with a small heritage seed and plant nursery has turned into an exciting farm-based educational project. In the workshops we were often asked: “How do I grow my own food in the north?”,  “Where do carrot seeds come from?”,  “How can I raise heritage chickens or build a raised bed?”

Not only were the children asking questions, but their parents as well. And now with health, sustainability and environmental concerns, we feel it’s time to get back to the basics. During our Down to Earth Workshops throughout Canada, we meet lots of people, just like you, who want to grow their own food and set up their own small mixed farms.

So before you know it, all 4 generations of farm girls were working together from the antique kitchen table of our old farmhouse, to put together resources for small farmers in northwestern Canada.

We have completed trials on over 100 Heritage Seed Varieties proven hardy to northwestern Canada. The resources and workshops help growers provide food for their own families or even scale up production to supply the local food chain.

We focus on Cold Climate Permaculture Techniques in our applied research trials at Heritage Farm. Learn how to turn this . . .


Small Garden Trial Plot at Heritage Farm Nursery

into this . . .


Our Farmhouse Test Garden

We didn’t think we were doing anything out of the ordinary. Just sharing our small farm experiences. But this project has evolved into something that is making an impact on local food production, sustainable small farming and communities while sharing knowledge and preserving our rural history.

The best part of the project ~ all of the workshops, research and data pertains to Canadian climate, growing conditions and history!

Urban Raised Beds ~ by Danielle Roscher

urban raised beds

We call on the expertise and Down to Earth advice of our local food chefs as well as great community cooks, who share their amazing recipes.

Beet Rolls in Fresh Cream with Dill by Norma Kabanuk

Beet Rolls

We are Always Learning as we grow. The farm trials included ancient and heritage wheat such as Emmer and Red Fife.

Emmer and Red Fife Wheat Trials

Red Fife Harvest 2012

Information about livestock management and regional resources for new young farmers.

Heritage Farm Spring Calves

spring calves 1 Heritage Farm

Pollinators are a big part of our small farm and food production. Our background in raising bees and apiculture research has made us very passionate about the conservation of pollinators.

Honey Bee in Phacelia ~ Photo by Andony Melathopoulos

phacelia tanacetifolia Heritage Farm

Everything we learn as we explore rural Canada, is featured in the workshops including articles, pictures, diagrams and advice from other small farmers.

 How to Build A Raised Bed ~ Changing Your Microclimate


How To Grow Heirloom Tomatoes & Seed Saving 

Silver Fir Tree tomato

Scaling Up for Commercial Production of Local Food & Marketing Opportunities

carrots on wash stand

Join our small farm community on FaceBook  and begin your journey to sustainable, healthy living or feel free to email us at: Heritage Farm

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