Heirloom Seeds

For over 85 years, four generations of organic gardeners have enjoyed growing heritage plants and saving seeds in our unique Northern Canadian growing season. Heritage Farm offers our favourite seed varieties from our own applied research trials. We are happy to pass along a collection of hardy vegetable, herb and flower seeds suited to Canadian zone 2.

We encourage you to start your own collection by saving seeds from these heirloom varieties that are high germination rate, open pollinated and non-genetically altered.

If you would like to receive the seed list of our favourite Northern heirloom varieties, please email us your request.  Heritage Seed List

If you are new to gardening, thinking about starting to sell your own farm produce or simply looking for ways to explore nature in your own backyard, we invite you to learn more about Northern Permaculture by ordering the  Heritage Farm Journal . It’s full of ‘How To’ information for Canadian Small Farm and Arban Agriculture projects.

Happy gardening!

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