Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

Northern Canadian Permaculture & Gardening Workshops

Learn about cold climate permaculture, regenerative agriculture, pollinator health and nursery crop production in our Down to Earth Workshops to help you on your journey towards a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. 

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Upcoming Workshops


Northern Permaculture Workshop 

January 30, 2023 Grande Prairie ~ session closed

March 10, 2023 Grande Prairie ~ session closed

April 2023 Grande Prairie ~ coming soon

Learn how to create and grow a beautiful garden space to enjoy healthy home-grown food. No experience necessary for this in-person workshop.

Grow a healthy, productive, enjoyable garden suited to your personal space, soil type, water, personal schedule and family food needs. This session focuses on extending the northern growing season with less time weeding and watering.

Topics include seasonality, supplies, designing, building the garden, amending soils, and water harvesting. 

Get started in the right direction towards creating a healthy, enjoyable, relaxing garden space. No experience necessary. The growing information in the workshop applies to kitchen gardens, patio container gardens, raised beds, no-till gardens and traditional garden spaces ~ big or small.


Raised Bed Workshop

Raised Bed Workshop

February 25, 2023 Grande Prairie ~ session closed

February 27, 2023 Grande Prairie ~ session closed

March 4, 2023 Tangent ~ session closed

May 3, 2023 Grande Prairie ~ Register Here 

Learn how to build a raised bed and garden in our northern landscapes to extend the growing season with less weeding and more food.

Raised Beds in our shorter seasons are a great way to start gardening earlier, produce more food and reduce the amount of work or weeding. Join us in this Raised Bed session to learn about choosing the right location, materials and soil/compost mixtures. This session will also explore raised bed designs, a supply list and instructions to build your own raised bed in a few days so you can start gardening the same week.

You will also learn about the cultural requirements to grow healthy plants with less watering while harvesting fresh homegrown food all year long. The best part, is less weeding and more time to get out and enjoy a relaxing garden space with your friends and family.


Seed Starting Workshop

Seed Starting Workshop

April 5 ~ Grande Prairie Register Here 

Learn how to start your own seeds indoors and grow healthy transplants for your northern vegetable or flower gardens 

Growing your own garden transplants can be a rewarding and relaxing hobby. Even if you have never gardened before, join us for this introductory workshop where you will learn about starting seeds indoors, planting media, grow lights and how to care for your new seedlings. Whether you plan to have a few pots on the deck or grow food for friends and family, we are here to help show you where to start.


Kids Gardening Class 

Kids Plants & Pollinators Workshop

June 3 ~ Grande Prairie Register Here 

Kids learn about recycling containers or flower pots, how to plant seeds and take care of the plant as it germinates and grows as well as the importance of pollinators in our gardens. Workshop includes seeds, pots, soil and colouring resources.


Heritage Seeds for Northern Gardens Workshop

January 16, 2023 Grande Prairie session closed

Learn how to grow a healthy, productive, enjoyable garden using heritage seeds. This session discusses varieties from the Heritage Farm Research Trials that are best suited for the shorter growing season of northern Alberta. Growers will learn how to start their own personal heritage seed collection and tips for seed starting.


Garden Journal Workshop 

January 2, 2023 Grande Prairie ~ session closed

This workshop will guide you through the steps to begin planning a successful garden for 2023 to grow your own food and attract pollinators 

 Start a Garden Journal, reflecting on the past year and setting goals for 2023. A planning session to explore what worked, what didn't work, setting realistic goals, and designing an achievable strategy. Lesson includes ways to grow your own food, making better use of small spaces and a calendar of tasks to help achieve your goals.

This hands on workshop will guide you through the steps to begin your own Garden Journal for northern climates. The session includes a journal, resources and guidance as we begin to design a plan for your urban food forest. Using Permaculture Design Principles students will explore goals, hurdles, timelines, budgets.



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