Northern Canadian Heirloom & Open Pollinated Seeds

Northern Canadian Heirloom & Open Pollinated Seeds

The heirloom and open pollinated seeds that we have available by mail-order are the hardiest varieties from over 25 years of northern applied research trials on our farm. A majority of these seed varieties have been handed down from generation to generation right here in the Canadian Prairies. 

As an educational nursery in northwestern Canada, Heritage Farm works with Small Farm and Urban Agriculture enthusiasts who want to learn more about northern permaculture techniques and sustainable small farm or gardening practices.

Northern Canadian Applied Research Trails at Heritage Farm

Learning to garden in northern Canada a hundred years ago required the sharing of seeds and knowledge from one pioneer to another. 

Early Settlers Peace Country Alberta Canada

In a harsh environment, maintaining the family garden, farm livestock and crops was hard work. Survival depended on your success.

Woolsey/Hamilton Family Homestead

Grandma Lillian Saskatchewan Garden

What started out as four generations with a small heritage seed and plant nursery has turned into an exciting farm-based educational project. 

Fifth Generation Prairie Gardening and Seed Saving

As the 5th generation of Prairie Farm girls, we were working together from the antique kitchen table of our heritage farmhouse, to put together resources and sessions for new growers in northwestern Canada.

We teach you how to turn this . . .

Northern Trials Clay Soil at Heritage Farm

into this . . .

Northern Trials Healthy Soil Heritage Farm

Coming from an Agriculture Research background, we began the Canadian Northern Heirloom & Open Pollinated Seed Trials which began over 25 years ago. To date, we have completed trials on over 175 Heritage Seeds proven hardy to northwestern Canada. Through partnerships with other like minded conservation groups, we help preserve a variety of heirloom seeds to share for generations to come. The seeds that we offer are always fresh, non-GMO and either grown on our own small farm or from our organic seed partnerships.

Our goal is to help all gardeners learn to grow their own food and save their own seeds. To help them be successful, we supply the most hardy northern gardening seeds to help you be successful.

Raised Beds Heritage Farm Workshop

During our Down to Earth Workshops we meet lots of people, just like you, who want to learn how to grow their own food. In the workshops we help students learn about extending the growing season, how to build raised beds and greenhouses or how to save seeds. Workshops are delivered by a Certified Permaculture Instructor. To learn more about how to order our Heirloom Seeds by mail and upcoming Workshops visit us at Heritage Farm 

6th Generation Prairie Farmer Learning About Saving Our Seeds for the Next Generations

Saving Our Seeds for the Next Generation

 Heritage Farm