Drawing on Our Pioneer Spirit

Arnold Lundgard 1020's

We hope this note finds you and your families in good health as our lifestyle in Northern Alberta changes daily due to COVID-19. In the interest of helping our students and communities stay healthy, we have moved the Northern Workshops to our Online Farm School .

We have created a learning space for friends and neighbours to share positive stories and learn from one another while keeping our mental health a priority. Spring is around the corner, and we look forward to sharing good news stories on our Small Farm and Urban Agriculture Community FaceBook Page .

We also encourage you to spend quality indoor time tending to your “someday projects” like sorting old family photos or writing about your family history in Canada. As you share these treasures with the kids and grandkids, we hope you will share a few of your favourite pioneer family photos with a small caption with us by email to Heritage Farm .  We love to hear about your sustainable living projects, spring gardening or small farm experiences.

The pioneers who came to this region many years ago, had experienced hardships, found ways to come together as communities and shared their experiences for others to learn. While times have changed in the past 100 years, we believe you still have the Pioneer Spirit that will help keep our communities strong and healthy.

Wishing you health and happiness, from your friends at Heritage Farm.

Photo of Arnold Lundgard was taken by Edward Lundgard prior to 1939 at the trapping cabin of Lyman McCollum located in the Peace River Valley west of Hines Creek and south of Worsley AB.

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