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  • Conservation projects and the volunteers who help
  • Exploring right here in your own back yard
  • Nature, science, road trips and more!

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Winter 2014Winter 2014 Issue

  • Down to Earth ~ Soil Science & Snowflakes ~ Snow safety, permafrost and snowflake microphotography.
  • The Great Canadian Snowman Contest ~ Enter and WIN!
  • Our Small Farm ~Using the winter months to plan starting a CSA.
  • Our Rural History ~ Pioneer Life on the Prairies. Historical photographs of homesteader cabins.
  • Explore & Learn ~ International Farmer Exchange Program.
  • In Season ~ Confort Foods by the Fire. Venison nachos, pierogi lasagna, peanut butter dip and homemade vegetable soup.
  • Always Learning ~ Upcoming workshops where you can study hobby level or commercial farming practices.
  • Exploring the Northwest ~ Photos and stories from our readers across Canada.
  • Trading Post~ Tools and resources for Small farms and Urban Agriculture in the north.
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Fall 2014Fall 2014 Issue

  • Fall on the Front Porch ~ Recycling old treasures to decorate your home for fall.
  • Gardening in the Northwest ~ Planting peonies for the best blooms.
  • Our Small Farm ~ Setting new roots in the north at First Fruit Farms.
  • Restorations ~ Converting an old horse trailer to a useful utility trailer.
  • Native Plants for Food & Medicine ~ Wild rose hip syrup and the Herbal Pharmacy DVD.
  • Honey Bee Health ~ The NBDC helps beekeepers identify disease and detect chemical residue.
  • In Season ~ Cherries in the north and Haloween sugar cookies.
  • Local Food ~ Food bloggers set out to define Canadian Cuisine.
  • Exploring the Northwest ~ Photos and stories from our readers across Canada.
  • In the Mailbox ~ Making friends with a talking magpie ~ Seniors housing complex builds raised beds.
  • Introduction to Hugelkulture  ~ A beautiful back yard oaisis in Canora, Saskatchewan.
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Summer 2014Summer 2014 Issue

  • Gardening in the Northwest ~ Urban container gardening for small spaces.
  • Down to Earth ~ How to build a raised bed. Diagrams and materials.
  • Garden Trials ~ The good, the bad and the ugly. Raised beds compared to traditional gardens.
  • Our Small Farm ~ Eureka River Soaps, the hurdles and rewards of running a farm based business.
  • Always Learning ~ Elmworth School Permaculture Project, aquaponics and a sustainable greenhouse.
  • Pioneer Crafts ~ Building fence and trellis with willow for gardens and small livestock.
  • In Season ~ Time for rhubarb ~ pies, jams, and great wedding favours.
  • Local Food ~ Making jelly from fireweed in Germansen Landing, BC.
  • Tried and True by Lou ~ Recipies for natural weed control, deodorant and bug spray.
  • One hundred Years of History ~ Grande Prairie, AB 100th anniversary homecoming celebrations.


Spring 2014Spring 2014 Issue

  • Gardening in the Northwest ~ How to garden by the moon, history, phases and photos.
  • Down to Earth ~ Companion planting, what to grow together and what to avoid.
  • Our Small Farm ~ Living off the land in a remote region of northern BC.
  • Local Food ~ A CSA in Turtle Valley, BC offers fresh home grown food.
  • Nature in the Northwest ~ Part II, identifying and harvesting wild edible mushrooms for beginners.
  • The Country Vet ~ Herd health information for small mixed farmers.
  • Food Security in the Northwest Territories and resources for farmers in the north.
  • Arts & Crafts ~ Selling crafts from home to diversify your small farm income.
  • In Season ~ Western Canadian bison burgers with green tomato salsa.
  • Photos from our readers as they explore rural Canada.


Rural Roots Winter 2013

Winter 2013 Issue

  • Canadian Heritage Seeds ~ A list of growers and suppliers.
  • Barns of Western Canada ~ history and photos.
  • Building A Barn? ~ Resources for free blueprints and planning.
  • Wildcrafting ~ An introduction to harvesting wild edible mushrooms.
  • Clawfoot Tubs ~ History and restoration ideas.
  • Northern Horticulture ~ The Bauta Family Initiative increasing Canadian-grown ecological seed.
  • In Season ~ Cooking with local mushrooms. Suppliers and recipes.
  • Health & Environment ~ The benefits of fermentation, our digestive heritage.
  • Exploring the Northwest ~ Photos from readers as they explore rural Western Canada.
  • Our Small Farms ~ Gardening north of 60, permafrost and the Inuvik Community Garden.


Rural Roots Fall 2013Fall 2013 Issue

  • Restoration of an NAR Train Station to a fabulous country home.
  • How To prepare your perennials for our northern winters.
  • Tips from experts about bringing your houseplants in.
  • Prairie Pollinators ~ Learn about leaf cutter bees for alfalfa seed production.
  • Preserving the Season ~ Canning recipes from readers and our Local Food Editor.
  • Ancient Grains & Modern Mills ~ Learn about Emmer and Red Fife.
  • Alvin Sheresky, Organic Hero Award ~ The connection between Healthy Soil & Healthy Bodies.
  • Photo contests and great fall shots from our readers.
  • Steam Engine history & restoration with the McLean family.
  • Henry Riplinger ~ Prairie Artist and author of “If You’re Not From the Prairie”.


Rural Roots Magazine Summer 2013Summer 2013 Issue

  • Grow more food, weed less and enjoy gardening again ~ How to build a raised bed.
  • Potato trials ~ the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • The art of recycling ~ an artists cooperative in Yellowknife transform recycled wine bottles into glasses, planters and works of art.
  • Collectors ~ Be on the look out for this rare vintage Canadian beaver canning jar.
  • Shovel and Fork ~ Classes that bring food from the field to your kitchen.
  • Fresh Summer Salads right from your own garden. Learn how to use local food in your own meal planning.
  • Notes from the north ~ young horticulture enthusiasts share their view  of nature in the northwest.
  • Readers share their photographs, Pioneer Days in the Peace Country, learn how to canoe and much more.


Spring 2013
Spring 2013 Issue
Start your own seeds and grow grow hardy northern transplants for your garden.
Culinary Tourism~ when is the last time you took a road trip to explore local food options in your own back yard. Raising Heritage Breed Poultry ~ supplies, coops, breeds and how to care for them. Diagrams and lots of  “How To” for beginners.
Microbrewery on the prairies shares their start-up experiences.
Healthy breakfast choices or snacks for the lunch box. Making your own home made granola is easier than you think.
A Herbal Pharmacy ~ new courses and DVD for creating herbal preparations.
Winter 2012
Winter 2012 Issue
  • Permaculture, learning from nature to build sustainable agricultural.
  • Foodies & chefs meet to learn the science behind great taste at Eat Alberta.
  • In the 1920’s Alex Monkman had a vision of a trade route through the Rockies to market grain.
  • Restoration of a 1947 Hudson and a 1941 Ford.
  • The 2013 Heirloom Seeds for the North list.
  • Norwegian Sugar Cookies.




Fall 2012 Issue

  • Gardening in the Northwest ~ Planting garlic in the fall & saving seeds from your favorite biennials.
  • Contamination in the Garden ~ Learn how to identify herbicide residue in your garden amendments.
  • Solar Power ~ Systems and prices have become more attractive and economically viable.
  • Rural Communities ~ Northern Lights County in Bloom contest winners.
  • Antiques & Collections ~ Whether it’s small or large, every collection helps preserve a bit of history.
  • Calgary Stampede Turns 100 years old ~ One of the greatest outdoors shows on earth celebrates 100 years of tradition.
  • Rotational Grazing ~ Writing a resume for a sheep is easier than you think. With too many off farm jobs, it’s time to send the sheep to work.
  • Anderson Wildlife Refuge ~ A wildlife habitat offers recreational and educational opportunities.
  • Country Kitchen ~ Raspberry Coffee Cake. Easy and elegant.


Summer 2012 Issue

  • Hardy Old Fashion Roses ~ These pioneer rugosa favorites like Hansa and Terese Bugnet have stood the test of time here on the prairies.
  • How To Save Your Seeds ~ Start your own collection by harvesting the seeds of heirloom annuals.
  • Greener Pastures ~ Moving to the wilderness of northern Alberta from southern BC in the winter.
  • Helping Hands on Branding Day ~ Family and friends gather for dusty, dirty, smelly, hard work, tasty food and great camaraderie.
  • Enjoy Nature ~ The birds out my back door and Camp Wapiti.
  • Explore Western Canada ~ Learn the stories and the history of your hometown.
  • Draft Horse Breed Conservation ~ Their numbers have climbed and plummeted over the years.
  • Garden Gazebo ~ Create an oasis in your own landscape to relax and enjoy with family and friends.
  • Country Kitchen ~ Fresh rose petals make a wonderful family favorite jelly.


_ Spring 2012 Issue

  • Planning & Building of a Greenhouse ~ Get out that garden journal. How to start designing that greenhouse you’ve dreamed of.
  • Heritage Breed Chickens ~ It started as a hobby but has evolved into a collection of rare breed poultry.
  • Getting to Know Your Farmer ~ Red Willow Gardens celebrates 28 years as a Farmers’ Market vendor.
  • The Blacksmith Shop ~ A Saskatchewan veterinarian practices the art of blacksmithing to save money on the farm, recycle and relax.
  • Youth & Travel ~ A young lady of 15 years from Western Canada heads out on a Pangaea Expedition.
  • Rural Artists ~ A group of western artists show us how connected our communities really are.
  • Heirloom Seeds ~ Over 100 varieties tested hardy in our zone 2 nursery trials.
  • Country Kitchen ~ Cooking with local Farm Fresh Lamb.


_ Winter 2011 Issue

  • Landscape Planning & Design ~ Winter is a good time to work on your landscape plan, help save time and money  next summer.
  • Genetic Diversity ~ Seeds of Diversity conserves the traditional knowledge of food crops and garden plants.
  • Rural Collections ~ A Peace Region fossil collection shapes scientific research and inspires young paleontologists.
  • Saving the Hip Roof Barn ~ A family saves the old farm site hip roofed barn and moves it 40 km.
  • Restoration Projects ~ The newly restored Euphemia McNaught art studio offers artists a secluded retreat.
  • Adventures in Genealogy ~ From the English countryside to a pioneer homestead in western Canada.
  • Horses for Orphans ~ A Brazilian project builds confidence in both horse and rider.
  • Country Kitchen ~ Local Bison Dumplings.


_ Fall 2011 Issue

  • The Urban Gardener ~ Experimenting with square foot gardening in an urban landscape.
  • Medicinal Herbs ~ Choosing natural herbs for teas and special blends. Step by step instructions.
  • Timber Frame & Straw Bale ~ A cultural centre opens in the rural hamlet of Demmitt offering stunning architectural design combined with innovative sustainable technology.
  • Wagons West ~ “I Remember” explores the lifestyles and culture on the prairies over the past 94 years.
  • Native American History ~ Hides for art and survival. The relationship between vitamin D and wild game.
  • Early Explorers of Western Canada ~ Surveyors, Canadian fur traders, explorers and map makers. The Hudson Bay Company and modern trappers’ associations.
  • Locally Produced Food ~ How far did the food on your plate travel? Buy and eat local for 30 days.
  • Country Kitchen ~ Old Fashion Pumpkin Pie.


_ Summer 2011 Issue

  • Gardening in the Northwest ~ Maintaining a summer garden, composting, ladybugs for aphid control.
  • Building A Raised Bed ~ Are you tired of fighting with clay and weeds? Consider building a raised bed with these step by step instructions.
  • Bison On The Prairies ~ The western bison industry experienced unexpected resurgence as customers look towards eco-friendly options.
  • Wheat Belt Baseball League ~ Baseball becomes popular during the great depression.
  • York Boat Journey ~ The York Boat was probably the most important form of transportation in western Canada during the 19th century.
  • The Peace & Edson Trail ~ One hundred years ago, thousands of brave pioneers traveled the Edson Trail.
  • Country Kitchen ~ Old fashion strawberry jam the way Grandma used to make it.


Spring 2011 Issue

  • Planning Your Vegetable Garden ~ Learn about the micro-climates in your garden space as well as tips on drawing out that garden plan.
  • How To Amend Your Garden Soil ~ Soil pH can have a big impact on the plants you are trying to grow.
  • Companion Planting ~ Plants have been shown to do better or worse depending on their company.
  • Ecosystem Conservation ~ A non-native invasive species of plant can cause havoc to our ecosystem balance. Check out our weed ID key.
  • Rural Living & Heritage Breed Chickens ~ Spring on the farm with robins, baby alpacas and heritage breeds.
  • Small Communities With Big Hearts ~ TeePee Creek Stampede and Wanham Plowing Match.
  • Spurs & Silver Artist ~ Visit a traditional silversmith folk artist who has set up studio in a 1915 homestead.
  • Environmentally Friendly Spring Cleaning ~ New ways to enjoy a greener spring.


_ Winter 2010 Issue

  • Winter Gardens of Northwestern Canada ~ Learn about the birds in your winter garden and how to attract them with different foods.
  • History of the North West mounted Police on the Prairies ~ The scarlet-coated Mountie has been part of our rural history since the 1870’s.
  • Aurora Borealis ~ AuroraMAX is bringing the beauty of northern lights to armchair sky-watchers, on their home computers.
  • Restoration Projects & Road Trips ~ A restored 1954 Meteor sets out on a cross Canada road trip.
  • The Dokie Wind Farm ~ The largest wind farm in British Columbia has begun generating electricity.
  • Nature Photography ~ Canadian Photographic Artist of the Year from Manitoba shares how rural life has inspired her photographic journey.


_ Fall 2010 Issue

~ Sorry This Issue Is Sold Out

  • Peace Country Pioneer Ranch Camp ~ Travel on horseback into the Wild Kakwa region.
  • Fall Chore List ~ Help your perennials survive zone 2 winters.
  • Hardy Trees for the Prairies ~ Varieties with great fall colors.
  • Farm Fresh ~ Community Supported Agriculture offers fresh food while supporting local small farms.
  • Herb Walk Through the Forests ~ Discover the beauty of native herbs.
  • Biodiversity of Western Canada~ Naturalistic gardening and geographic locations named after animals.
  • OH Longview Ranch ~ An ecogift of 9,444 acres is dedicated to conservation as heritage rangeland.
  • Heating Your Home With Wood ~ Things you should know before buying that wood stove at an auction.
  • 100 Mile Diet ~ Supporting local small farm producers.
  • Country Kitchen ~ How to make Hot and Spicy Salsa.


  Summer 2010 Premier Issue

  • The Science Behind Seeds ~ Learn how these tiny specs of energy work in natures cycle. Start your own seeds indoors and enjoy fresh healthy transplants for your garden and greenhouse.
  • Gardening in Zone 2 ~ Challenges in northern growing conditions. Check out these open pollinated varieties of heirloom seed from Seed Savers trials in zone 2.
  • Road Trip ~ Do you recognize this Alberta rural attraction. Win a Lee Valley gift certificate.
  • Stream Engine Restoration ~ A group of steam enthusiasts set out to restore a 1905 American A-bell that has worked in Alberta for over 100 years before retiring at the South Peace Centennial Museum.
  • Heritage Farmhouse ~ Renovation or Restoration. How hard could it possibly be to relocate and restore a heritage home in northern Alberta?
  • County Kitchen ~ Learn how to make your own homemade cheese.

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